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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to fill out a new patient packet when you have my chart notes?

That is a good question! Our new patient paperwork tells us about you from your own personal perspective. It gives us insight into how you feel about the treatments and medications you have tried. It is your chance to tell us your medical treatment journey, what you have done and where you want to go in the future. Your completion of the entire form is critical to achieving the best results possible!


Why doesn't the provider do an injection on the first visit?

Initial visits are designed to diagnose and recommend treatments to you and your referring provider. All injections must be first discussed with you, agreed upon, and then submitted for approval through your insurance. 


What is an Opioid Agreement?

Your health and safety is our primary concern. This agreement outlines important safety and regulatory issues concerning the proper medical use of controlled substances. Among other expectations, we stress the use of one pharmacy and one physician for all your pain medicine prescriptions. We require you to take your medications as prescribed, bring your pain pills and pill bottles for random pill counts/urine drug tests, and submit urine specimens for testing on a regular basis. You must not use other intoxicating substances such as alcohol or marijuana or other unprescribed substances. If you are impaired in any way, you must not drive or operate machinery. You cannot give or sell your medication to others, or take someone else’s pills. Medications must be locked up at all times to protect others. These and other concerns are part of a treatment agreement necessary to safely prescribe narcotics and/or controlled substances for the management of intractable pain. 


Why do I have to give a urine/blood/saliva sample?

It is not our intent to offend or embarrass you in any way by our request for a sample. Because it is vital that we know what is in your system before we prescribe medications, we do not discriminate nor do we single people out. We treat all patients equally. Everyone gives a specimen. It is also important to monitor medication levels in your body as your treatment progresses. This is for your protection, your health and your well-being. It allows us to give you the best care possible.


Why do I have to be seen so often to get my prescriptions?

Regular office visits are required and a necessary part of pain treatment. Use of controlled substances must be monitored very carefully. For your health and safety, we require regular appointments to monitor your response to your pain management program. There may be a need to change or adjust your medications, recommend other therapies, or try the newest and best treatments based on medical evidence.


Can I fill my medications early?


Why? Because you must take your medications as prescribed. We stress in your treatment agreement that you will not use up or run out of medication early. You will not allow the medication to be lost, stolen, ruined, misplaced or left behind. You understand that medications will not be replaced or filled early. You will take reasonable safeguards to protect medications from theft. Be aware that most insurance companies will not allow you to fill your medications early. (In the occasional situation where travel out of town is required, your insurance company may allow an earlier fill. However, subsequent fills will be back “on schedule” and travel is not an excuse for deviating from your prescription directions.)


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