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The Vertiflex Procedure


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    • Bursitis Injection
    • Epidural Injection
    • Facet Joint Injection
    • Genicular Block-Ablation
    • Hip Injection
    • and more!




About the Practice

Corvallis Pain Management in Corvallis, Oregon, is a clinic that focuses on providing patients with cutting-edge treatment options for managing their pain, as well as treating other pain-related illnesses and conditions.

The expert team at Corvallis Pain Management has extensive experience in interventional and medical management of neuropathic pain, cancer pain, spine-related pain, and in applying a multidisciplinary approach to complex pain conditions. Each provider is committed to developing long-lasting relationships with their patients and offers them personalized treatment options so their recovery process is effective and tailored to their needs.

In addition to pain management, Corvallis Pain Management offers services to treat chronic pain, including neck, back, and shoulder pain. The team also provides innovative treatments such as BotoxⓇ, neuromodulation, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. To ensure the highest success rates, the providers at Corvallis Pain Management are excited about the changing trends of the industry and adhere to best treatment practices.

The team at Corvallis Pain Management strives to create an inclusive environment in which their patients feel safe, heard, and most importantly, treated with personalized attention to ensure the best care possible.


Caring & Compassionate

To provide comprehensive pain management to patients in a caring and compassionate environment.

Advanced Techniques

To utilize the most current and advanced pain management techniques in order restore function and increase quality of life.

Regional Community

To provide a service to the regional medical community by caring for their patients who suffer from chronic pain.


Here is a list of insurances accepted at Corvallis Pain Management. If you do not see your insurance provider or if you have any questions about payment, please contact our office.


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Words from our patients

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    "They have worked with me to find the best methods of treatment for my condition."

    Joseph P
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    "I feel like my needs and issues are being listened to and they genuinely want to help me."

    Marueen P
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    "When I began treatment my pain on a daily basis was 5 out of 10. Today my daily pain level is 3 out of 10. I have had more functional days than days lying in bed."

    Xaja M
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